About Us

Trasfa International Pte Ltd operates its business base on mutual TRust, ASpiration and FAirness so as to maintain a long-lasting beneficial relationship among all parties. Inheriting from its well-established parent business who specializes in sheet metal fabrication since 1976, Trasfa has a strong inclination towards steel and stainless steel materials and products, elevator and escalator products and interior finishes for building. All products are manufactured in accordance to the BS EN 9001:2008, BS EN 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 standard by AJA UKAS Quality Management.  



StainlessArt® The World of decorative grade stainless steel with its low maintenance and creative durability.

Stainless Art® has crossed the boundaries of simple functionality, entering into a higher more refined dimension of artistic beauty. Aesthetically fashioned and visually appealing it replaces facade panelling, enhances vertical transport and transforms commercial kitchens. The magic of stainless steel decor has had three decades of artistic creativity in Asia alone.

A benchmark of quality and design.  The perceived value of this product has given it a competitive edge, helping our partners to stand out in the crowd.


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What Do We Do

Trasfa serves the following key industries:

  •  Kitchen / Foodservices Equipment Manufacturers
  •  Semiconductor – Stamping Houses
  •  Automotive Accessories
  •  Vertical Transportation – Elevator and Escalator Companies
  •  Interior and Exterior Finishes for Building
  •  Advertising and Signages